Cách reset clash of clans


How to lớn Restart on Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans by Supercell is one of the most popular games out there and has maintained this success for years. As a điện thoại strategy game, each kích hoạt you commit khổng lồ counts. However, sometimes you might make mistakes: what then? Fear not here’s an easy guide lớn resetting your tài khoản on Clash of Clans.

Identify your di động device

Being a cross-platform game, Clash of Clans works differently based on the kind of software your mobile uses. Vày you use apk or Apple? Make sure you’re aware of this, then read the guide for how to restart on Clash of Clans on your particular device below.

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Reset Clash of Clans on an app android Device

Restarting your trò chơi on an apk device is a very easy process.

Delete your current Clash of Clans application. Vị this by long-pressing the icon, & then select the delete option, & confirm your choice. Done! The application has been deleted from your phone.Reinstall the application from the Play Store/App Store; You’re probably thinking why you deleted it in the first place, but this step is necessary if you want khổng lồ be a new game.Open the new Clash of Clans application. Now, this is the most important step in order lớn restart your Clash of Clans game. When you are asked if you want khổng lồ resume with your old village, select “Cancel.” If you bởi not follow this, you will go back lớn your old village and will have to lớn repeat the entire process again.

And that’s all you have to do for an android device!

Reset Clash of Clans on an táo apple Device

How to lớn Restart on Clash of Clans

I’m afraid that restarting Clash of Clans on ios devices is slightly more difficult. Hence it is important that you read these instructions very carefully và follow each step closely.

For an táo bị cắn dở device, resetting the game means that you will have lớn conduct a factory reset. A factory reset deletes ALL the data saved on your phone, which means that you must take a backup, or you will thảm bại all your current files and information.

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If you vì not have a backup of your phone’s data, go take one and return to this article after that.

If you have an updated backup, follow the instructions below.

Go to lớn settings, & click on the General section.Here, you have an option that says “Factory Reset.” You must select it, and your phone will then revert to default settings: the settings that the phone came with.Take some time khổng lồ set up your device as you first did.Create a NEW trò chơi Center amount. It is important that you vày not use your old trò chơi center account, as all the details about your old village are stored there. You must create a new game Center account.After you have done this, redownload Clash of Clans from the phầm mềm Store.Clash of Clans will ask you whether you want khổng lồ reload your old village: you must click “Cancel” for resetting the game. Behold, your Clash of Clans trò chơi is as good as new! Start over again with your new experience, knowledge, và crush the other players to rise khổng lồ the top. Reset Clash of Clans on an táo bị cắn dở Device: Alternative Method

Now there is one more method for Restarting on táo bị cắn dở Devices, but I vày not usually mention this as you will need two tiện ích ios devices for this lớn work. Chú ý that at least one of them should have never run Clash of Clans before.

On your second quả táo device, you must create a new game Center account.Download the application on your second device, và complete the tutorial to links your new trò chơi Center trương mục with this game.Sign out of the game Center trương mục on your original (not you’re new!) device.On the original device, sign in through the newly-created game Center tài khoản instead of the old one.Open Clash of Clans, click OK and then type CONFIRM.

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Beware: This method will delete your old Clash of Clans account, & you will not be able lớn access that again.

So these are the ways you can start again on Clash of Clans! Hopefully, this guide made the process easier for you, và you can now start your new Clash of Clans game without any problems.